Five Things


Five Things

Five things about reading.

Quizlets: You have to do them to get a grade.Also you have to study so you can be ready for the test.There are 4 parts you have to do theres test,speller,scatter,learn.If you don't do them you will get 4 zeroes.This will help you with your work and to do better.

AOW: You have to do this to get a grade.You have to do all of it because you will get all of it or you get a zero.You have to stop and jot and you have to do the questions.You have to read and watch videos if there are.You have to underline the work.

Wordly Wise:This is what we have watch week witch is a packet you have to do.You have to do all of it to get a good grade. If you do half of it you would have to walk and have silent lunch.You have to do the reading comprehension or you won't get a grade.It worth the most points so you need to do it.

Novels:This is a book you read and talk about.There are questions for it and you also might have a group.You have to read the a chapter or more at a time to answer all the questions.There may be things that you have different parts.There are a lot of chapters.

Reading logs:There are 5 things on a reading logs.If you do just one its a 20%.You have tout 6-8 sentences or more.There are a questions you have to right about.You have to do them all to get a good grade.


Homework:You have 8 pages to do every week.You have to get it all done because if you do just a few pages its not good. Some times its due on monday it just depends if we have school friday.This is a grade so you have to do it.You should study so you can get good grades.

Centers: There are 6 centers a week.There some group projects that you have to work with each other.There all types of work and if you are absent and its a group project you have to do it yourself.There are 6 and you have to there might be ten marks and more.You will start with the number of the table.

Ten/IXL/Buzz/Marks:Ten marks if something you have to that the etcher assigns you.IxL is something that you have to do that here an example x.1 that would be one.Buzz math This is a website that you have as sine ments and you get rewarded for how many stars you have.This can be in centers or just be assigned for homework or class work.

Gateway:This is a big project you have to do.There are parts to this like a rough draft and a finale drafts.There also is a part that you have to make a website.You have to make a citations page to show where you have got your information.You have to put all of this in you website.You also have to present them.

Behavior:You should be good so you can do things.If you are bad and you get 5 marks you have silent lunch walking and if you get more you have to call home.We have behavior cards.This means you will get in big trouble and you might have Iss if you are really bad.So don't be bad so you don't get in trouble.

Responsibilities:You have to do your work to get good grades.If you have to take something home and don't bring it back you will have to walk and have silent lunch till returned. You might have to walk the rest if the year if you don't bring it back.You have to do your work and don't be bad.You are the one who has to do the work.

Field Day

Field day is a day that we go outside and go to different places out side.There is basket ball and you get about 15 minutes at each place.There are Nine places to go two of them were in the gym they were Jump the brook.The other one is the Obstacle Course witch is like a big blow up.There are really run and cool one really cool one is the one that you have to shoot a water ballon at a big tree.


The dance is at the end of every quarter you have to be passing all your grades.If you are passing you have to pay 3 dollars to go to get candy and a drink.You get to pick what songs and if you won't a black out or white out or nyan. You will be there for about and hour and a half.You get to go and hang out with friends and dance and talk.