Main Foods and Tourist Destinations

Main Food Dishes

Breakfast: Fried corn tortillas with eggs and other meats, or fruits and vegetables.

Popular Breakfast Dishes: Bistek Picado- (Chopped Beef)

Lunch & Dinner: Arroz Con Pollo- Slow cooked Chicken

Corvina " Sea Bass"


Corn dough rolls with pockets stuffed with chicken or pork with herbs and spices.
Puerto Rican Pasteles
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Bistek Picado

Main breakfast food in panama it consists of chopped beef and many different herbs and spices
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Tourist Destinations

To Explore Panama for 8 days it could cost up to 1,950$ per person.

8 Day tour of panama

Day 1- Panama City, Panama

Day 2- Casco Viego, Miraflores Locks

Day 3- Panama Canal Cruise- Gatun Lake

Day 4- Panama Canal Cruise- Locks Transit

Day 5- Embera Indians, beach resort

Day 6- Beach resort

Day 7- Kuna Handicrafts, Panama City

Day 8- Panama City