Jeff Sessions

Republican Senator (Alabama)

Why develop the Keystone Pipeline? Pros and Cons


- Replace foreign oil with domestic oil

- create fast jobs


- Will raise the Earth's temperature by at least two degrees fahrenheit

- Will actually lower the US's GDP by an estimated 2.5 percent

Why increase minimum wage to $10.10? Pros and Cons


- bring minimum wage workers above federal poverty line

- less government spending on poverty population


- prices will go up

- possible higher unemployment rate because employees are more expensive

Jeff Sessions', Biography

Born and raised in Alabama, Sessions graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree and was the student body president of the Young Republicans at his school. He was elected the Alabama Attorney General in 1994, and in 1996 he won the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Jeff Sessions' General Platform

- Does not support same-sex marriages

- Does not support setting aside extra money for minorities and women

- Supports increasing punishment for illegal drug use

- Supports ban on abortion

- Supports notifying parents if their teenager had an abortion

- Does not support additional anti-recession spending stimulus

What does Jeff Sessions think about the Keystone Pipeline and increasing the minimum wage?

-Believes we SHOULD go forward with the Keystone Pipeline. Sessions if firm in his belief that it will bring jobs, wealth, and lower fuel prices to America. It is not even a question when it comes to his answer.

-Believed that the minimum wage should not have been raised to $7.25 in the first place but should have been raised to only $6.25. But still voted "YES" on raising it to $7.25. Jeff Sessions would NOT support raising the minimum wage to $10.10

Will the Keystone pipeline and the minimum wage increase be an issue for re-election?

Jeff seeks re-election this year, 2014. He has had strong re-elections every year since his elections; These issues will not pose any threat for his reelection. If anything his views will help shoot him back into office.