Inclement Weather

A reminder of how to know when school is delayed or closed

Hello, Parents,

Looks like we are going to have winter after all.

When there is inclement weather, I am up extra early, trying to decide what we should do. Please know that teachers enjoy a "snow day" or a "2-hour delay" as much as students. However, we have to get so many days in each school year ....

We do not follow the public schools in delays and closings. They have children waiting at bus stops, in the weather. We do not. So, this is how to know if we have a change in our schedule: First, I will contact Mrs. Fults and Mrs. Hasty. Then, I will be write a note like this one and put it on the internet, so check your email. Next, channels 6 and 8 are called, and they will post it. In addition, a teacher will call your phone and leave a message or talk to you. Please respond to the teacher so that we know that you know. We will do our best to let each family know.

All that being said, you must keep safe. Give yourself extra time to travel on snowy, icy roads, and on foggy days.

We will do our best to keep school open. We know that to not have school is a disruption for so many of you. Your children's safety will come first however.


Mrs. Olson