Sri Lanka

An island small but mighty

Fast Facts

Population: 19,722,000 Capitol:Colombo; 648,000 Area:65,525 square kilometers (25,299 square miles) Language:Sinhala, Tamil, English Religion:Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Muslim Currency:Sri Lankan rupee Life Expectancy:72 GDP per Capita:U.S. $3,700Literacy Percent:92

Were is it located?

Sri Lanka has many diverse land forms

Has distinct wet and dry seasons

The tropical climate gives Sri Lanka wet and dry seasons. May to September is the wet season and December to March is the dry season. Its average temperature is 60-68 degrees. Humidity is consistantly high at an average of 80%.

Industries, Products, and Exports

They have rubber processing, tea, coconuts, rice, sugar cane, clothing cement, diamonds, and petroleum products.

See the flag hanging high!

The Sri Lanka flag has a lion that stands for wisdom, bravery, and purity in words. The maroon background stands for the ethnicity and strength of the nation. As you look at the lion you notice a sword. It stands for the country's sovereignty, and elements of water earth and fire. You also see bo leaves representing buddist vertues like loving kindness, compassion, happiness, and equanimity. The color yellow is for buddism, green for muslims, and orange for hindus.