Listening is a powerful tool

All My Life

As far back as I can remember, I have problem solved disputes between family and friends or just listened to their issues.  I became a master of smoothing out the uncomfortable feelings in our family relationships.  

Family Matters

Since my parents worked to keep a roof over our heads , I worked to keep the fighting to a minimum. Being the oldest of three kids, I was the one in charge when mom and dad needed a responsible person. My brothers fought every day. They would end up chasing one another with weapons or screaming at the tops of their lungs. Once when my brother, Randy, wanted to quit basketball, I found myself in between he and my parents making sure both sides were heard. My brother even said, " What are you a psychotherapist or something?"

Friendship Chaos

 My friends also needed someone to listen to their relationship problems. Still, my childhood friend, Rachell calls just to vent about her husband or kids.  If she gets too worked up, her hubby tells her, " Why don't you just call and talk to Anndrea? You will feel better."

Present Day

These days, I work to keep a positive environment for my home and classroom. Seeing several points of view and gathering information help me achieve my optimal goal of peace.