The start of Motown Records

My research is about Motown records was an African American record company is for African American singers the man who made the Motown Records Berry Gordy he lets singers sing in his records company like Micheal Jackson,Marvin Gaye,Steve Wonder,The Superemes and Diana Ross

Connection to Present Day

Berry Gordy and Beyoncé Knowles they express themselves in music they let everything out they set it free there expressing there feelings in there music they write and ther very outgoing.They can make you feel the way you feel like they can relate to there pain they don't believe in giving up.


History classic records/classic

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Fun Facts

1.As the legendary Smokey Robinson turns 75 share a few interesting facts about the award winning singer- songwriter

2.Did you know Madonna worked at DUNKIN DOUNUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.Did you know that Otis Redding was once banned from a singing contest.