The FX Works

Fresh, Natural, Emotional and Real Photos of Your Wedding Moments

In The FX Works do not believe the wedding reports have to be either boring or corny. We love our work and therefore we demonstrate with each click or every video we do. We believe in a style that combines photojournalism, advertising and music videos. This combination allows us to innovate without being excessive, having the flexibility to adapt to the style that suits each pair, which are those that set the tone for what will be the one and only day we grasp just behind our objectives.

Our Somerset Wedding Photography will make you relive so intense and emotional moments that happen at your wedding. Therefore, in the weddings, we love that couples live every minute of your wedding, you want a lot! And be happy in the day to publicly show their love. It is not a day to be shy or to be nervous, get carried away! So we do not want to make you pose, we want you to remember our photographs every moment and every emotion you felt that day.

The satisfaction of our customers is our goal. As professional wedding video photographers, we bring our experience and professionalism to the ideas and tastes of our customers, adding our essence, personality and originality. We are located in UK to cover the greatest number of customers in order that they all have the opportunity to enjoy a team that is involved with making the most of.

Our greatest satisfaction is that our customers recommend us to their family and friends. We are trying to create a small family because the family atmosphere is one of the keys to our success.