Montgomery Bus Boycott

Help protest against the bus rules.

We need your help!

As we all know that we are in a period of serious racism, stereotype and just cruel and injustice rules and laws. Want to know what we're doing about this?


We are planning a bus boycott. We are doing this because of their bus rules. Many of you may not know but Rosa Parks (NAACP member and local seamstress) has been arrested for violating the law. Except what an unfair law it was. Therefore we all plan on boycotting their bus.

How are we doing this?

So we all know that our lives are busy and we don't have time to horseplay. There are many ways we can boycott the city bus. One we can carpool which will allow multiple to save gas and money. Second we can ride our bikes which helps the environment and gives us a chance to get our bodies moving! Third we can walk. If you have any other suggestions to help get around please let the members of NAACP know!