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MR. Landers science class egg drop


On Tuesday,September 4 we started the egg drop project. MR.Landers said you have these materials to make a contraction to drop an egg 60 ft and the egg does not break. I thought it was ganna be so hard to not break the egg. Everyone had there one idea.

my way through

my first idea was two paper cups taped together with the egg and padding in it. Then we said how can we make it fall slower. then i said people use a parachute maybe are egg can. So we put a hole in each corner so the string can go through and then we tie it. Then we need more padding so we took the straw rapper e straws and put them in the two cups. The plastic bag kept the paper sturdy so it wouldn't fold over.



how my final designs does

I think my design was rill good because it did not break or have a crack. Then my parachute helped allot because if i dident have it it would fall fast. But with the parachute it fell really slow so it wont break.


my egg name is the egg!!!!, the contraptions name is the egg saver 6,ooo.

if i did this project agian i would

if I did this project again I would use the tape wisely and I would make the parachute stronger and more durable.