six simple machines

by Chris Phillips


Pulley's have a very good simple machine for many years. But what a pulley is, it is when you have a rope or a cable and some type of role so it can role on. It makes stuff better to lift and to move stuff.

inclined plane

People has used inclined planes for years. The Egypt people used them to build the great pyramid of Giza. what it is is a straight up plan or ha hill they people can not get up very good. And they put a inclined plane lick a slanted bored.

wheel and axle

Wheel and axle has ben used for years to move stuff around. We use them to day on car's, wheelbarrows and hand trucks. What it is a circle that can rotate with a bare thre it so you can put w working load on it.


a screw can be used in many was. the first one is lick spiral steps, a drill or a screw. if we did not have something lick a screw we would not have all of the things. what it is is something going around but going up at the same time.


a lever can be used for moving stuff, jacking up stuff or it can be used to lift some thing that you can not lift with your bear hands.


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