Coordinate Planes

NS.8 & G.3

Station #1 - Buzz Math & Ten Marks

Buzz Math: Complete 4 assignments - whiteboards

Ten Marks: Complete 2 assignments - whiteboards

Station #2 - Water Crisis in Haiti

1) Work as a group

Station #3 IXL

W.1, W.2, W.3, W.4, W.5

25 problems each

No work on paper!

Station #4 Cue Think - iPads

1) Log into your Cue Think account

2) Work on solving Problem #1

Station #5 - Math Tasks

1) Work as a group to solve each task using the coordinate grid poster

2) Take a snapshot of each completed task

3) Add pictures to the slides in the google presentation in google classroom

4) Include group names on the first slide

5) Turn in

Station #6 Teacher - CFA Review & Battleship

Battleship game can be found in google classroom
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