Pygmy Possum

By Corey and Lachie


The Pygmy Possum grows up to 10cm long and its tail is half of this. It has brown fur and a pink nose.


Pygmy Possums are found in the Kosciuzko National Park and alpine areas in Victoria.

Habitat And Ecology

They live in rocky areas where boulders are. They eat mainly caterpillars, bogong moths, beetles, spiders and millipedes. They have four babies every spring.


The loss, fragmentation and disturbance of their habitat is a big threat. Predation from the red fox and feral cats is also a serious threat. People also kill them thinking they are rats or mice.

Recovery Strategies

We need to control foxes and feral cats in the pygmy possums' habitat. Don't use mouse traps or poison in buildings where Pygmy Possums live. We also need to protect all areas of their habitat from fire.

Pygmy Possums

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