Thankful for BMIT Educators

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National Teach Business Day

On October 21, 2020, celebrated 1,100 teachers that teach Business, Marketing, and Information Technology (BMIT) courses through the #TeachBusiness Day social media campaign. Nebraska currently has BMIT programs in 245 districts.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

Nebraska Council on Economic Education Challenges

Upcoming Challenges:

Join classrooms across the state as they showcase their academic knowledge of economics and personal finance in our upcoming academic competitions.

Economics Challenge fall competition runs November 30 through December 14.

The challenge is a statewide and online. The competition offers two divisions for high school and one for middle school. The topics cover micro, macro and international economics. For more information go to our Nebraska Economics Challenge site.

Finance Challenge fall 2020 competition starts November 16 and ends December 4.

This personal finance competition tests students’ knowledge of budgeting, saving and investing. The competition is offered online across the state both spring and fall and open to middle and high schools students. The program is easy to access and provides teachers with short instructional videos. For more information go the Nebraska Finance Challenge website


Everyone is talking about the Lead4Change Student Leadership Program, but is it for you? Middle and high school students need to graduate with core subject competencies. For life, we must prepare teens to lead, serve, and change the world around them. Lead4Change Student Leadership Program provides FREE lessons to fully equip students to #NowGoLead!

"I use Lead4Change in my Business Leadership class to promote hands-on learning by having students find a cause, develop an action plan, and execute the goal. Students take pride and passion in the cause they have picked and develop leadership skills by organizing and networking with individuals associated with the cause. One student quoted, “I learned so much about myself with the Lead4Change program. I developed leadership skills while making a difference. I am very thankful for the experience.” I would highly recommend the Lead4Change program to allow students the opportunity to grow as individuals while helping the greater good." from Tara Dlouhy, Columbus Lakeview High School.

For more information about Lead4Change, visit their website or contact Sarah Carson at or 972.768.4820.

NBEA National Business Education Standards

NBEA developed and released the fifth of edition of the National Standards for Business Education. The electronic edition is free to NBEA members, members also receive a discount on the hard copy version.

Quarterly CTE Newsletter update

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Business, Marketing, and Management

  • Business, Marketing, and Management has 4 cluster areas Business Administration, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism, and Marketing with eleven (11) career pathway programs of study: Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management, Business Technology Communications, Business Technology Applications, Culinary Arts, ProStart, Finance, Marketing, and Marketing Entrepreneurship, with two approved National Programs of Study: NAF Academy of Finance and MBA Research High School of Business.

  • In 2019-2020, there were 177 schools that reported offering at least 1 (one) complete program of study (3 semester courses in pathway area) and 245 schools that offered at least one course from Business, Marketing, and Management.

MBA Research Curriculum Resources:

  • Nebraska teachers have access at no cost to the district to the MBA Research curriculum materials through the NDE enhanced membership at MBA Research. The resources are high quality and aligned to the Nebraska Business, Marketing, and Management standards.

Financial Literacy National Data:

Communication and Information Systems

  • Communication and Information Systems has 2 cluster areas Communication Arts and Information Technology with eleven (11) career pathway programs of study: Digital Design, Video Production, Web Design, Business Technology, Data Science, IT Operations Management, Web Development, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Development, and CISCO Networking.

  • In 2019-2020, there were 96 schools that reported offering at least 1 (one) complete program of study (3 semester courses in pathway area) and 232 schools that offered at least one course from Communication and Information Systems.

2020 State of Computer Science Education: Illuminating Disparities:

  • Computer science education is more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted our society’s reliance on computing and its power to help businesses innovate and adapt, yet at the same time has surfaced greater disparities for students studying computer science. Access to computer science is key to addressing the equity issues in society, yet only 47% of our nation’s high schools teach foundational computer science. To see the state of Computer Science in Nebraska, please see the report here:, CSTA, & ECEP Alliance. (2020). 2020 State of Computer Science Education: Illuminating Disparities. Retrieved from

Nebraska Microsoft IT Initiative:

  • The Nebraska Microsoft Information Technology Initiative program provided 81 high schools and 8 community colleges with training and certification exams to students and teachers for Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Technology Associate certification exams. For the 2019-2020 school year, Nebraska reported certifications earned by 1,478 high school students, 156 post-secondary students, and 101 teachers. 2020-2021 is the last year for the current funding of the program.

Professional Development

Updates to the website

One of the things we are working on specifically for BMIT teachers is an update of the BMIT webpages to provide you with resources, professional development opportunities, easier access, and a better user experience. This will be dynamic and we will continue to update resources and pages as needed. We are still working on this and hope to have it out to you soon.

Click image above to be re-directed to the BMIT website.


We will continue to update you with information about the updated website through the listserve.

The BMIT Listserve is used by NDE staff to send out all state wide communication. As a subscriber to the email listserve, you can also use the listserve to send out emails requesting resources or help from Nebraska BMIT Community and to share resources.

Here is a link to the listserve instructions.

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