What Causes Ocean Currents?

By: Grant Reese

Three Things I Learned

One of the main causes of surface currents is wind. Depending on which way the wind is moving above the water determines the direction of the ocean current.

Deep ocean currents can be varied based on salinity and temperature differences. The deep ocean currents can be completely different the the surface ocean currents, because the wind cannot reach all the way down to the deep parts of the ocean.

Deep ocean currents can carry nutrients, oxygen, and heat with them. These deep ocean currents patterns are changed by the salinity and temperature differences.

Two Questions

I wonder what Coriolis forces from the Earths rotations are and how they affect the patterns of the ocean current.

Does the direction of the currents make the animals change the direction they are moving so they can swim easier with the current.

One Way This Article Affects Our Daily Life

This article affects our daily life by informing us that if you are swimming on the oceans surface you might be pulled based on which way the wind is blowing. If the Wind is blowing away from the shore you might want to watch to make sure you do not get pulled to far away from shore.