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Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy

Message from the Principal - Sept. 12, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

Life is busy (as usual) at Holy Rosary. We are starting to get everything put back in the Pre-K room now that the BEAUTIFUL new floor is in. Also, we are launching the Fall Fundraiser on Friday, with a special assembly this afternoon at 2 pm. I know this is a long newsletter, but it has a lot of very important information about the fundraisers, so please make sure to read it carefully and ask us if you have any questions. On that note, a few of our parents have graciously offered to be contacts for any new parents/families who are trying to learn all of the ropes. We understand that it can be confusing and feel overwhelming when you start a new school, especially when this is your child's first year of schooling...and then there is fundraising! If you need anything, please feel free to reach out to any of the school staff or these wonderful parents who have offered their assistance:

Colleen Thomson (Volunteer Committee Chair/Safe Environment Coordinator)



Nina Tatum (Social Committee Chair)



Cecilia Gonzalez (Volunteer Hours Coordinator)


You can contact the parents about any topic or question, not just their area of expertise! Also, if you need to talk with the teachers, they are happy to meet with you but want to make sure they have uninterrupted time and focus to discuss your child. So, please send them a note or an email so that you can both schedule a good time to talk. Having impromptu mini-conferences in the halls or even the classrooms is not desirable because information can be confidential or because the teacher needs to be focused on the children. Please just send them a note or email and they will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful week!


Katie Dempsey


Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, 9/12 - Communication Envelopes go home! Check out the important fundraising info!!

Thursday, 9/13 - Communication Envelopes due back to the office, Spirit Gear can be worn (Seahawks or HRBA Hawk Gear with jeans), Notify the office if you are buying out INSTEAD of receiving chocolate boxes.

Friday, 9/14 - All School Mass at 9 am. Fr. Martin is on vacation, so Fr. Isidro is our guest priest. Please join us!! Chocolate goes home today (2 boxes per family).

Reminder: Change for Back to School Night!! Due to our flooding issue in the Pre-K Room, we have to postponed our Back to School Night. Instead of Sept 12th, it will be held the following Wednesday, Sept. 19th from 6 - 8 pm.

Chocolate Fundraiser...and Now Catalogs??? What is the Story on Annual Fundraising?

Chocolate Fundraiser:

It is that time of year...time for the Fall Chocolate Fundraiser! This year, the Parent Service Committee has changed chocolate brands and we are now selling $1 bars, instead of $2 bars. There are 50 bars per box and each FAMILY needs to sell 2 boxes. We are sending information home today. If you DO NOT want to sell the chocolate, let the office (office@holyrosarybilingual.org or 253-272-7012) know by 3 pm tomorrow (Thursday). You have the option to pay $100 instead of selling chocolate. Once the chocolate has been distributed on Friday, families cannot return the chocolate. You will be responsible for the $100, whether you sell all chocolate or not. They make perfect Halloween treats!! :)

This year, we are also trying something new for spring fundraising. We are trying a Spring Fundraiser in the Fall...wait, what??? That's right. We are giving parents the option of doing a catalog fundraiser in the fall INSTEAD of doing a spring fundraiser. Some parents are excited to knock their fundraising "out of the park" nice and early in the year! :)

So what are the details??

This will be a catalog sale, where you will have the option of mixing and matching sale items in 4 different catalogs (miscellaneous gift items, sports flags, magazines, and >>>>>). We want to make sure families know that this second fundraiser is completely OPTIONAL. If your family likes the catalogs (which will be in the Communication Envelope today) and wants to sell products, you may do this instead of the spring fundraiser. If you choose to do the catalog fundraiser, however, you will need to sell $250 in product. There is a 40% return on these items. Families cannot turn in partial amounts. If you are choosing to do this fundraiser to get a jump start on your year, you must sell AT LEAST $250 in product. If you do not want to do this, no worries...just recycle your catalogs!

What if I only want to do the chocolate fundraiser??

Only doing the chocolate fundraiser OR buying out at $100 is all you need to do for the Fall.

Just to clarify, here are your options for the spring:

1) Now: Sell $250 or more in catalog sales and you are all done with the spring fundraiser requirement.

2) Spring: Take part in the spring fundraiser, raising $100 for the walk-a-thon or other spring fundraiser.

3) Spring: Get billed $100 in the spring and not take part in the fundraiser.

What if I don't want to do ANY fundraisers??

As is stated on the Parent Commitment Form, you can skip ALL fundraisers for the year and buy out by paying $350 by Sept. 15th. Then, you are 100% done...no chocolate, no catalogs, no walk-a-thon, no auction (winter) requirements!! DONE!! Yeah!!

Update on Pre-K Room

After a few weeks of moving things around and having to swap rooms, we are FINALLY ready to move the Pre-K 3 and 4A kiddos back to their rooms!! Yesterday, we had the brand new flooring put in. We moved the Pre-K 3 to the front room yesterday for the entire afternoon (because of the noise and smell from the new flooring) and they took a 2 hour nap, complete with their cots and lullaby music!! Kids are so flexible and we appreciate the flexibility of our families through this challenging situation. The new room is beautiful and we are moving furniture back in this afternoon.

Thank You from Mrs. Farias!

To our Wonderful Pre-K Families:

Thank you so much to all who had Birth Certificates and Immunizations in before the year started AND all who got them in by the 2nd deadline this week. We really appreciate your efforts!

Safe Environment for Volunteers!

Fall is often the best time to complete your safe environment requirements, since many of the area churches/schools offer the live training sessions at this time. Training is offered sporadically throughout the year, but there tend to be more options in this fall period. Here are a few upcoming sessions offered nearby in September:

September 15: St. Frances Cabrini School (Lakewood)--9:00 AM

September 15: Church of the Vietnamese Martyrs (Tukwila)--4:00 PM *This is offered in Vietnamese*

September 16: Church of the Vietnamese Martyrs (Tukwila)-- 1:30 PM *This is offered in Vietnamese*

September 17: St. Theresa Catholic Church (Federal Way)--6:00 PM

September 18: St. Theresa Catholic Church (Federal Way)--6:00 PM *This is offered in Spanish*

September 20: St. John of the Woods Catholic Church (Tacoma)--4:00 PM

September 24: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church (Federal Way)--6:30 PM

Any of these training sessions can be registered for when you complete your Virtus enrollment online, and there are also many other locations/date from which to choose. Check out more information below on volunteering requirements!


All volunteers working with or alongside children at the school are required to complete Safe Environment requirements, as mandated by the Archdiocese of Seattle. This would include any volunteers assisting in the lunchroom, at recess, in the classroom, accompanying classes on field trips, etc. New volunteers should go online to VirtusOnline.org to register. Here is the procedure:

  1. Go online to Virtusonline.org to create an account
  2. Register for a local safe environment class
  3. Read and acknowledge policy documents
  4. Complete the steps for a background check to be performed.

We suggest you set up your account using a desktop computer or laptop, rather than cell phone or tablet computer, as the Virtus system seems to work best in this manner. An in-person/live safe environment class, called "Protecting God's Children for Adults", is initially required, but thereafter, renewals can be completed online once every three years.

Thank you for your cooperation with this process and for your commitment in keeping our school safe and healthy for our children. Please feel free to contact Colleen Thomson at casmt@comcast.net or 253-389-9606 if any questions regarding this process or if you have other concerns regarding volunteering, whether you be a new volunteer or are a returning volunteer. We value all of our volunteers!

CYO Cross Country

Hello CC families,

We have our first normal week of practice this week which means PK-3rd graders will practice on M/F and 4-8th graders on M/W/F. We will have our first meet in less than 2 weeks (Sept. 23rd)! It is fun for the kids to run their races! Because we have such a short season, please make sure your kids run at home some if they will not be able to make practice.


Coach Pickles

REMINDER - Free and Reduced Lunch Forms - Due THIS FRIDAY!

The applications for Free and Reduced breakfast and lunch are in today’s weekly envelope. All families who would like to apply for Free or Reduced MUST complete an application and return it (signed) to the office. Ms. Lizbeth will process these and make the determination for eligibility based on the guidelines. She will then let you know whether you qualify as Free or Reduced (or do not qualify). If you do not want to be considered for this, then you do not need to return the application. If you do not apply, then you will be billed the regular cost of breakfast ($2.50) and lunch ($3.75) when your child eats those meals. Billing goes out the beginning of the following month for the previous month’s meals. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lizbeth at Lduran@holyrosarybilingual.org.

Fundraiser Kick-Off Assembly for Catalogs!

Wednesday, Sep. 12th, 2pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

In the school auditorium

Back to School Night

Wednesday, Sep. 19th, 6-8pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Join us in the auditorium for school wide information, followed by grade-specific information in the individual classrooms. Here is the schedule:

6:00 - 6:30 pm. Welcome and All School Meeting in the School Auditorium (3rd floor)

6:40 - 7:00 pm. 1st Classroom Presentation

7:05 - 7:25 pm. 2nd Classroom Presentation

7:30 - 7:50 pm. 3rd/Final Classroom Presentation

8:00 pm. School Closed for the Evening!

Parents can attend classroom presentations together or divide up. If you only need one or two presentations, feel free to head out when you are done.