Math Club

Join our Amazing Math Club at FPMS!

Reach Beyond

Is your regular math class too easy for you? Do you find yourself sitting in the classroom with nothing to do? This math class will be perfect for you. It goes far beyond what you're learning in your math class, and makes you apply your old skills to learn something new. This class will teach essential skills for high achievers, and will also introduce some fun math problems that are usually only found in competitions. You will learn how to solve problems as a team, and how to find more efficient solutions that makes a problem simple. It will also balance everyone's learning skill to make sure no one is bored and no one is left behind.


There are a few competitions throughout the school year for middle schoolers, including Mathcounts and the AMC series. These competitions will test your ability to a further extent, making your speed another important factor to your skill. These competitions are strongly recommended, but are optional. In Mathcounts, there is a team round. FPMS is going to have the best team, and we want you as a part of it.