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“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you’re heading.”

~Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher and Poet~

Monday, September 28

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Miller’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • Pre-K Story Time—Library—10:00 am (run by our Parents as Teacher Parent Educator, Kylie Lightner)
  • Girls on the Run—Mrs. Duckworth’s Room—3:45 pm-5:00 pm

Tuesday, September 29

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Miller’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • Nothing else on the calendar for today! Hooray!

Wednesday, September 30

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Miller’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • Happy Birthday, Ms. Mary McCarthy! Enjoy your day!!
  • Girls on the Run—Mrs. Duckworth’s Room—3:45 pm to 5:00 pm

Thursday, October 01

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Miller’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • Stephanie gone all day today (details on back)
  • Bus Evacuation Drills for Traditional K-5 Classrooms only—10:00 am
  • TST Meeting—Miss Fondren’s Office—3:45 pm

Friday, October 02

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Miller’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • Project H.A.T.S.—Bring 50¢ and wear your favorite hat all day long!


Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, October 06—Mrs. Lee’s Room

Fifth Grade to Art Museum on Tuesday, October 06

SPED DPs + Friends to Rivercut Golf on Thursday, October 08

Flu Vaccine Clinic for students on Friday, October 09

End of 1st Quarter on Friday, October 09 (Grade Cards home at parent/teacher conf.)

PTA Jumpin’ Joey’s night from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

PL/PW Day on Monday, October 12—No students (not a work day for paras)

Health Fair Screenings for K-1-3-5 on Tuesday, October 13

Site Leadership Team Meeting on Wednesday, October 14

Drill Day at 1:00 pm on Thursday, October 15

STUCO Spirit Day on Friday, October 16—Theme TBA

Red Ribbon Week Monday, October 19 through Friday, October 23 (themes TBA)

5th Grade “Don’t Meth With Us” Presentation on Monday, October 19 (10:00 am)

Major Savers Limo Ride/Pizza Lunch on Thursday, October 22

Math Night on Thursday, October 22 (will wear matching staff t-shirt on this day)

Parent-Teacher Conference Week Monday, October 26 thru Friday, October 30 (10:00 am)

Pre-K Story Time on Monday, October 26

School pictures for ALL students and staff on Wednesday, October 28 (K-5 classes)

School pictures for ALL students and staff on Thursday, October 29 (Special Programs)

October Celebration Assembly on Friday, October 30

No School for students or staff on Monday, November 02

Professional Learning Day on Tuesday, November 03 (not a work day for Paras)

TST Meeting on Thursday, November 05

Project HATS Day on Friday, November 06 (Bring 50¢ and wear your favorite hat all day)

2nd & 3rd Grades to Nature Center on Friday, November 06

Flexible Seating--It's coming to SPS (actually, it's kinda already here!)

Have you had a chance to look up or read anything about flexible seating spaces in classrooms? If you're a K-5 classroom teacher, you've likely heard me talking about it here and there, and a couple of your colleagues have begun to explore what flexible seating looks like in their classrooms. Classrooms with flexible have very few (if any) traditional desks or tables for students to sit and learn. Their learning spaces look more like a living room, of sorts, with varying types of seating for students. Flexible seating is something that our superintendent firmly believes in, and it will become an expectation within the next year to two years for our traditional district classrooms. Perhaps you have not yet read much about it because it seems scary, and it's easier to ignore it for now than it is to explore what this might look like in our classrooms (see picture below!). However, as an expectation from our superintendent, ignoring it might not be the best way to go! HERE is an article from Edutopia about flexible seating, and how to make it seem not so overwhelming. Just as with PBL, it is better to educate and prepare ourselves for these changes than to fool ourselves into thinking they'll just go away!
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BrightBytes Survey-ALL CERTIFIED TEACHERS required to participate!

The IGNiTE initiative is in full swing at many SPS schools! I will provide a link below for you to click on to read more about IGNiTE, but in short, it is the initiative that will be providing additional digital devices for our students (classroom iPads for grades K-2 & ChromeBooks for all students in grades 3-5.). While Delaware was not selected as an IGNiTE site for year one, now is the opportunity we have for completing this survey and helping the district administrators to look at this data and decide if our school is ready to be brought on as a year 2 school. Are we ready? You know something? I think we ARE! We have more teachers than ever before attempting a digital means of weekly classroom communication (newsletters). We have more than a handful of teachers that are now using Smore to send communication out to families! We no longer have a computer lab, so with no lab, it sure would be nice to have additional devices in the hands of our students! ALL staff members are asked to click this link right here, and take the BrightBytes survey. The survey takes between 5-10 minutes, and will give the district administrators an overview of our schools' readiness for the IGNiTE initiative. I am very excited about even just the thought of coming on as a year 2 school, so I hope you'll join me in this excitement, take the survey, and we'll patiently wait to see if we are selected.

Goal Teams Update

Teachers, I want to thank you for your time and attention during our Goal Teams kickoff meeting last week. I know that after and exhausting date of school, the last thing you want to hear about is me talking about student data. I hear ya!! I really do believe, however, that Goal Teams will be an excellent way for us to work in small groups to identify our weakest students while participating in rich conversations about their progress. I will get info to you this week about what to bring to the first Goal Teams meeting on Monday, October 12.
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Little Free Library

One of our fantastic parents is building a Little Free Library for our school! This is a donation they are making to our school, and it is pretty cool! The concept is that the owner of the LFL stocks the books the first time around, then as people want to borrow a book, they can for free. They can return that book or they may replace it with a different book, if they'd like to keep the first one. You can read more about it at, just click there! I do hope you will find books there to read, take home, and to keep our stock of books fresh and exciting!
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