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December 2014

Pay it Forward this Christmas

Sometimes I do daft, embarrassing things. Once, a long time ago, I got my car stuck hanging over a ditch– that was a good one, the car was actually perched on its axis, gently rocking. It was 6:30 in the morning and there was not a soul about. I’d somehow managed to get out of the car and I was standing next to it wondering what to do next, my thought processes are a bit slow at half six in the morning! It was cold, dark and wet.

I’m not sure how long I would have stood there, or even what my next move might have been if it wasn’t for the off duty police officer, who just happened to be on his way home to bed after a busy night shift. He was dog tired, needing to get to his bed as he was back on a late shift at 3.30 that afternoon. If I was him, I’d have been tempted to look the other way and keep driving, or at the very most, call the station and let his colleagues on the day shift deal with me.

But, what this kind man did was get out of his car and spend the next hour carefully easing my car back on to the road using planks of wood and a tow rope. When I took my car to a garage later that day I was amazed to hear that there was absolutely no damage to my car. I never did find out the guy’s name and I’ve never seen him again. However, I will always be grateful to him and remember his generous help.

Why on earth I am telling you this? Is it because I want everyone to know what a Wally I am? No, it is because this month I’d like to discuss the idea of ‘paying it forward’.

The ‘pay it forward’ idea is thought to originate from a book written in 1916 called In the Garden of Delight by Lily Hardy Hammond. The principle is simple: when you experience a random act of kindness from someone, you pass on that kindness to different person in another way, without expecting anything in return.

I’ve experienced many moments of kindness from people over the years, such as a smile of sympathy, amongst the glares and scowls, when I’ve been walking up and down the plane trying to calm a screaming baby. Numerous times at work students having seen me struggle with lots of bags have taken them from me and carried them upstairs for me. The kind lady who walked all the way to my hotel with me in Southampton when I was lost.

Christmas is a time for goodwill and a time for giving. Here is how I hope to pay it forward this festive season:

· Being attentive wherever I am, looking for opportunities to help someone.

· Doing something nice for someone I don't know, or don't know very well.

· Spreading the word.

Please join me in paying it forward this Christmas. Once you start to think about paying it forward you begin to notice and really appreciated the kind things that other people, often strangers might do for you, and you never know - your little act of kindness might just mean the world to someone else.

Merry Christmas

Sarah Lees

Student Services Manager

Are you a Chess Nut?

A group of chess enthusiasts had checked into a hotel, and were standing in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse.
"But why?" they asked, as they moved off.
"Because," he said, "I can't stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer."

There is a strange phenomenon happening at Delancey Library – our students are playing Chess! In their breaks, at lunch time, and after they have finished lesson for the day. Some students are very able chess players, others are just learning for the very first time. Librarian Heather says ‘chess has really taken of this year, its lovely to see so many students playing, talking and guiding each other. There is a real buzz about Chess at the moment.’

Why not pop in and a go. If you are unsure of the rules, Heather is on hand to talk you though the basics.

You never know you might be the next Magnus Carlsen.

Island Selection for Alex Setters

Alex setters has been selected to play for Guernsey Men’s First XI Hockey team, which is a huge achievement. He has also recently received sponsorship by a UK hockey company, Uber Hockey (http://www.uber-hockey.com/ ), who have provided him with equipment including sticks, bags, shin pads, kit and clothing.

We wish Alex every success in the league, which will see him travelling to the UK for fixtures on a regular basis.

Good luck Alex!!

College Carol Service at Delancey

Friday, Dec. 19th 2014 at 1-2pm

Monts St

St Sampson

Everyone welcome. Christmas jumpers and santa hats optional.

A ‘Never-Forget Performance’

Students in the Access Department at the College of Further Education had been working very hard since September to devise and perform a Remembrance performance on Monday 10th November at 1.30pm at the Performing Arts Centre

Director Tristan Bearman said, “The performance was created in remembrance of the hundred year anniversary of Armistice Day. The performance is a huge success due to the enthusiasm of both staff and students, wanting to create a captivating story of youth, camaraderie, love and death.”

In the foyer of the Performing Arts Centre, members of the audience had the opportunity to sample wartime foods, with refreshments served by students from the Access Dept.

Hour of Code: December 8-14, 2014

What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.

When is the Hour of Code?

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, the goal of this campaign is for tens of millions of students to try an Hour of Code during December 8-14, 2014

You can do the Hour of Code anytime during this week. (And if you can't do it during that week, do it the week before or after).

Why coding?

It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity.



I’m Interested, What Do I Do Now?

Email Dan Hunter at danh@gcfe.net to attend a lunch time session.

AO Hall Literacy Competition December 2014

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the 101 word short story competition.

The standard was really high, and the stories were a pleasure to read. We had a really tough time judging the winners.

Congratulations to this month’s winners. An android tablet is winging it way to you very shortly.

And the winners are:-

Level One Category - Reece Duquemin


I’m walking around hopelessly. Just walking, trying to find somewhere dry and safe to sleep. My clothes are soaked through and my feet having blisters. My stomach is grumbling and my eyes are stinging. I give up. This isn’t how a fourteen year old should be spending his night. I come across steps just next to a pub. They’re damp and cold but I can’t continue walking. I had found my bed for the night. My feet are frozen, I can’t feel them, and so I get my lighter and try warming myself up. Now my new life begins.

Level Two Category - Scott Armstrong


Engulfed by the darkness, shrouded by mystery and regret, the sorrows of my past haunt me, as I try to do right. A glimmer of light appeared through the darkness, distant sounds followed. Seeing the crest of the nobleman who had done me wrong on the carriage made me realise that he should suffer the pain that I did. I boarded the carriage with a murderous intent. I hauled the door from its hinges. I plunged my steel blade into his heart. In an instant, I saw the crimson blood flow from the gaping wound. Now I can live.

Level Three Category - Sades Waenlor


It’s 10.30pm. I hear people shouting and screaming from the street. “28 years!” shouted people from both sides. Everyone turned up to watch this. The horror is finally ending; too many people lost their lives trying to see their family. 10.58pm. The tension is building up. Everyone has tears in their eyes, tears of joy. I bend down to pick up the brick from what divided us, as a country, up. It’s finally coming down. 28 years of hell. I kept the brick as a reminder, a reminder to us all that nothing is impossible.

Entries worthy of a special mention – Josh Guilmoto, Abbie Le Brun, Chloe Wall, Sam Masterton and Charlotte Ferbrache-Ogier. Well done.

Watch out for January’s competition. Three more tablets to be won!

Speak Out - Supporting LGBTQ young people in Guernsey

Speak Out is a youth group that will be starting in January 2015 to support LGBTQ young people in Guernsey.

There will be a weekly meet up as well as one to one support for any young people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or are Questioning their sexuality.

The groups will be a mixture of support, advice, education and just hanging out, the aim is to create a community for young people to feel safe to express themselves freely and without fear of judgement.

The group will be targeting 14-18 year olds but anyone who is older who would like to be involved can go through volunteer training with Barnardo's at the HUB and work with the group that way

Contact the Hub for more information: call 724421, text 07781 122 959, email www.thehub.gg, Facebook thehubguernsey or tweet @theHUBgsy.

Christmas Cheer

On Thursday the 11th of December and Saturday the 20th of December the Performing Arts students will be wrapping up warm, putting on their best Christmas jumpers and heading into town to perform some much loved Christmas songs for the shoppers.

On Thursday the 11th we will be catching the late night shoppers outside New Look from 7 to 8pm and on Saturday the 18th we will be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle performing outside Boots between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.

So, of you fancy getting a healthy dose of Christmas cheer (and possibly even singing along to some of your favourites) then come on down and enjoy the show!

Student Elections Thursday 18th December

GCFE students sign up for NUS Extra Cards

By now you will have received your local Post 16 discount card. Has your tutor given you the Discount Leaflet ? If not, ask them for your copy to see the list of over 30 local shops and businesses offer you money off.

Did you know, that our full time students are also eligible to buy an NUS Extra Card which offers you loads of discounts when you are in the UK or shopping online? The card costs just £12. All you need is a downloaded photo of yourself and a card for payment. Visit https://cards.nusextra.co.uk/ to find out more.

Message from Matt and Cassie

Progress Coaches wish all students a Merry Christmas. We understand that this time of year can be difficult for some and with this in mind we would like to suggest a few organisations that may be able to support you whilst you are not at college.

Action for Children – 01481-700218 (St Julian’s Avenue, St Peter Port)

The Hub – 01481-724421 (The Bordage, St Peter Port)


Confidential telephone and online counselling service for any young person with a problem.


The voice of young people's mental health and wellbeing.


Free, confidential telephone and email helpline finding young people the best help whatever the problem.


Information on what to do when things go wrong online.


24 hour confidential support via phone, email, text or face to face on anything that's bothering you.