Pygmy Possum

by Aaron and Patrick


The mountain pygmy possum weighs about 40 grams in spring and in autumn they weigh 80 grams. The colour of its fur is grey, brown and cream. They are 10 cm long.


The mountain pygmy possum lives only in alpine and sub-alpine areas in NSW and Victoria.

Habitat and Ecology

Seventy percent of their diet is invertebrates such as migratory bongongs moths, caterpillars, beetles and spiders. The pygmy possum lives on the ground and in rocky areas. Four babies are produced in spring. The pygmy possum survives winter by fattening up in summer and autumn and hibernating for up to seven months under the snow.


People mistake pygmy possums for verman (mice and rats) and kill them. They are also killed by the red fox and feral cats and fire damage. Global warming is reducing snow cover for them to hibernate under.

Recovery Strategies

The department of environment and conservation have identified 32 priority actions to help recover the mountain pygmy possum.

What needs to be done to recover this species?

We need to control foxes and feral cats, support actions to reduce global warming and protect all areas from fires.

The Mighty Mountain Pygmy Possum Part 1 (Winter)

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