May Newsletter

Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Students of W.R. Myers,

The Provincial Government has declared that schools from Grades K-12 will not be resuming on campus classes as of Friday May 7th-May 24th. A return to in-person classes is scheduled to occur on May 25th. Please know that the staff of WRM has been pre-emptively preparing for a situation that involves a shift to at home learning.

Here are some things that you can do to prepare for the upcoming transition:

1) Ensure that your children have solid, dedicated workspaces that they can work from at home.

2) Check your internet connections at home to ensure that your children can connect to their classes.

3) Ensure that at-home learning devices have webcams and audio, and also have Google Classroom installed on them as that will be the platform in which online learning will occur. Please also ensure that your child(s) student email address is active and they know the password.

Parents and students must be aware that this round of online learning will NOT be like last spring. Because of our early preparation, students will still be expected to login to their online classes at their regularly scheduled class times and should refresh their memory on how to submit assignments via Google Classroom. School is expected to resume May 25th, so teachers will still be diligently covering their curriculum between now and then.

In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to inform our school community that I will be leaving W.R. Myers High School at the end of this school year. I will be taking on a new role at Central Elementary School as Vice Principal. The four years that I have spent at W.R. Myers has been awesome but I am looking forward to my new role! Please take care and we will stay in touch. Once a "Rebel", always a "Rebel".


Ken Pon

Important Dates:

May 21 - No School for Staff or Students

May 24 - Victoria Day - No School

June 18-19 - Graduation

Counsellor's Corner

Hello all,

With us going to at home learning, we wanted to give you a link that you could use and share with students and parents. The attached link will take you to where they can view our schedule, newsletters, scholarships and other info and tools students can use. There is also a link where they can contact us if needed through email. Take a look and please let me know if you have any questions.

May 2021 Career Corner Document

W.R. Myers High School

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E xcellence

B alance

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L oyalty

Mission: Inspiring Excellence

Our Philosophy:

As Rebels,

We believe students deserve the best education. We believe every person is important.

We believe every person has potential. We are engaged in learning.

We believe in lifelong learning.

We are a welcoming, safe and caring environment. We believe education must continually evolve.

We practice citizenship and respect.

We are compassionate community, focused on success. We take pride in our school.

We embrace diversity and practice inclusion. We develop opportunities for success.