Hornet Enrichment Academy

2nd Semester Information

Welcome Back!

As we finish up our first week in session, I want to provide you with a few quick reference points that you will find useful as we begin this new semester. Please take a moment to make note of this important information. You can always visit our district webpage @ www.bgcs.k12.in.us/hea for program and school information as well as our most recent newsletter. We look forward to working with each of our students this semester as they achieve their goal of high school graduation.

HEA Staff:

Ms. Kelly Meier, Administrator

Ms. Shelly Condon, Home School Advisor

Miss Sharnita Thomas, School to Career Mentor

Mrs. Jodi Denton, English / Reading Instruction

Mrs. Kim Barkman, Plant and Soil Science / Natural Resources

Mr. Mike Cahill, HEA Mentor

Mr. Jerry Lantz, HEA Mentor

Mrs. Donna Hall, HEA Mentor

Mr. Dave Ancelet, HEA Mentor

Contact Information:

HEA Office: 317- 759-2873

Attendance: Ext. 1000

Administration: Ext. 1001

Guidance: Ext. 1002

Mentor / School to Career: Ext. 1003

To Report an Absence:

To report an absence for an HEA student, please call the HEA Attendance Office @ 317. 759. 2873. Follow the prompt to report your child's absence. Please do not report an absence for an HEA student to the HS attendance line.

Transportation Information:

Drop Off: All students in the AM or PM session must be dropped off in the lower parking lot across from the Administration Center (North side of the high school) . Students can then safely walk up the stairs and walkway to the HEA.

Pick Up: Parents may proceed to the upper level gravel lot for PICK UP only. Students are released in the AM @ 10:50 and in the PM @ 2:50.

Inclement Weather Information:

The HEA follows the same schedule as BGHS in the event of inclement weather:

In the event of a 2-hour delay, the HEA AM session will begin @ 9:45 and dismiss @ 10:45.

PM C9 students will follow their normal lunch and afternoon schedule. AM C9 students are expected to be in attendance at the HEA in the afternoon session in the event of a 2-hour delay.

In the event of a cancellation @ BGHS, the HEA is also cancelled.


Parents: Your student has been assigned an HEA Mentor to support your child's academic success. HEA Mentors will be in contact with parents of new students this coming week, and will be the primary point of contact for you regarding your child's progress toward graduation. If you need to contact your child's mentor, please contact the HEA office.


All students enrolling at the HEA for 2nd semester should turn in their ChromeBook and charger to Miss Thomas to return to the high school. If you have not already done so, please do this as soon as possible to insure that the return of technology is confirmed. Failure to return technology may prohibit your eligibility to participate in the graduation ceremony.