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Worcester vs Georgia

A Native American tribe called the Cherokee lived in peace in Georgia. Later on citizens of the United States found it was a great place to farm cotton and they also found gold there. Then the citizens tried to take the land from the Cherokee but they didn't know they were pretty civilized people so they ended up suing the citizens and won the case. Jackson owned that land and ignored the fact the Cherokee won so they forced the tribe out.

Trail of Tears

The Cherokee tribe were kicked out of their home land in Georgia after winning a legal court case. They had to walk for 2300 miles for 6-8 months, in which half of their tribe were killed. Jackson got a fortune by selling that land and he got many supporters from having all the power. When the Cherokee tribe reached Oklahoma they made a brand new government and a great new home.

Nullification crisis

The Government had made tariffs (taxes on foreign goods) to make people buy from american factories. The Southerners were furious because they don't have enough money and constantly need to buy expensive items. It got so bad that South Carolina threatened to leave the United States in order to get their attention. Jackson then asked for a bill called the Force bill to use the U.S army to get South Carolina back. South Carolina immediately surrendered and went back the the U.S.

Letter from a Cherokee

In my opinion Jackson is fool and cannot do what is right for the country at all just whats good for himself. When he kicked out my people it was the hardest and most frustrating thing that had ever happened to me, even when we win the court case he still ignores the law and whats right to do. The way my people had to walk that far and how half of us died... it was revolting and not necessary so when we got there we made a new government and a great new home. Jackson isn't just hurting our way of life but his own people are trying to leave the country due to taxes and it makes things almost triple of what they were. This is why I think Jackson is a terrible accident in decision.
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The political cartoon is a joke on how Andrew Jackson will threaten to kill someone if they get in the way of politics. He threatened to hang his vise president just to get South Carolina back. It says that he will kill to get what he wants done. To get anyone else to discuss politics he will kill them if they disagree with them.

Letter from Factory Worker

In my opinion Jackson has to be the best president we have ever had, he makes the best decisions and has the best ideas. Kicking out those Indians had to be the smartest idea I have ever seen, people aren't going to just make money they will have more opportunity to have better jobs. Relocating the Indians is a generous act of peace he puts them in a new free home, how smart. Making the tariffs and the force bill it's just an act of a genius, using the U.S army to get South Carolina back brilliant. That is why I think he is the right person for America