Whats Your Type?

By: Tyesha B. Parker

How Do We Learn

  • We think things through
  • We make decision using subjective value
  • Perceiving new possibilities
  • Interacting With People

Desbribing People With ISFP Personality

  • People with a ISFP personality is Not interested in leading or controlling others
  • People With a ISFP personality MOSTLY are Flexible and open-minded
  • People with a ISFP personality Do not like conflict and not likely to do things which may start a conflict

Does the ISFP Personality Describes Me?

Yes, Because I have some of the same traits I'm compassionate about everything I do , I'm serious about everything although sometimes I get a little quiet ! Also I'm looking into the same Career path that ISFP likes ! For Example I applied to college for nursing and I'm looking into personal assistant