Connecting Creativity

K-12 Literacy and Technology Workshop

Connecting Creativity: The Workshop

Want numerous, actionable technology and literacy tips and techniques that you can implement in your classroom tomorrow? Want to see how digital technologies can help you achieve important curricular goals with your students? Want guided practice for creating and remixing your own technology-enabled lessons? If so, then this free, one-day workshop is for you!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 9am-3pm

500 Northeast 6th Street

Pocahontas, IA

  • Explore avenues for integrating technology while meeting the demands of the Core
  • Have support for creating and designing lesson(s)
  • Generate Ideas for engaging your students in meaningful, rich learning experiences
  • Have support for creating global connections
  • Explore avenues for student publishing

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Connecting Creativity: The Background

PLAEA instructional technology consultants Leslie Pralle Keehn and Erin Olson designed Connecting Creativity Series with concept and content convergence in mind, supported by meaningful technology integration. Each Connecting Creativity monthly concept is designed so teachers can repurpose the idea to meet the needs of their students, the needs of their curriculum goals, and the demands of the Core. The workshop will offer support for implementation and integration of the Connecting Creativity monthly quests. At the center of each monthly experience: students create/design, students write, and students publish.

Leslie Pralle Keehn

Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency

Instructional Technology Consultant

Erin Olson

Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency

Instructional Technology Consultant

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