Tacy Ellis, English I, Pre-AP English I, Practical Writing


Parents, please feel free to contact me about your son or daughter anytime. My email address is found below.

Students, please feel free to use the email address, if needed. "In person" visits are always better.

EMAIL: tellis@peaster.net

GENERAL HOUSE RULES (See Expectations for more!)

*As of November 11, 2014, students must write in pen on all assignments to be turned in.

*All work turned in will be graded for grammar.

*If a test is missed, please schedule a make up test for tutorial, lunch, before school or after school.

*Vocabulary accumulates and is comprehensive from the beginning of the year.

*Students will receive checklists and due dates for all assignments on general lesson plans posted on the "Event Center".


If you are interested in seeing what TEKS have been presented in English I or Practical Writing, please visit those titles on the sidebar. The TEKS presented this year are in red. I will update each six weeks.

English I students will take an END OF COURSE EXAM in April.