Johnson Informer

Principal - Doris Marcum

Upcoming Events

May 16-Club 316 Upper Grade Field Trip

May 17-Field Day 5th in AM/4th in PM

5th Grade Band at SMS

May 18-Field Day 3rd in AM/2nd in PM

May 19-Field Day 1st in AM/K in PM

May 20-$1 Days for PTO

4th Grade Field Trip

5th Grade Lock In


May 15-Carson Cravens

May 16-Blaze Pearson

May 18-Fable Smallwood

May 19-Skyler Neace

Devin Fitch

May 21-Mrs. Wendy McIntosh

May 22-Kaden Akers

Madysen Lainhart

June 19-Chloe Albertson

June 20-Brooklyn Verble

June 21-Bella Schindler

June 22-Braden Castillo

Gabe Lock

July 20-Natalie McIntosh

Gabby Van Dyke

Kaleb Hutchison

July 21-Zola Hensley

Students of the Week

Akemon AM-Elijah Gabbard

Akemon PM-Ruben Cortez

Burns-Whole Class

Long-Bailey Everhart

Funk-Braylee Castillo

Spencer-Madysen Lainhart

McGannon-Jacob Taylor

Van Dyke-Whole Class

Rose-Alexus White

Meadows-Timmy Everhart

Richardson-Kristen Vest

Wooten-Nikki Stabeno

Schindler-Ean Riley

Strobl-Andie Myers

Neace-Robbie Knight

Our Weekly Heroes

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AR Points

Congratulations to our Amish Fund Raiser Winners-Brooklyn Verble and Kristen Lewis

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Employee of the Week

Congratulations!!!! Ms. Katie Rose for being our Employee of the Week!!!
Akemon AM-89.5%

Akemon PM-96%






Van Dyke-%








Classroom News

Pre-school-Learning about plants and flowers

Kindergarten-Learning about ocean animals

1st grade-Learning about plants and fractions

2nd grade-Learning about compare and contrast

3rd grade-Learning about the moon phases

4th grade-Learning about Pioneer Activities

5th grade-Learning about economics and the election process

Mrs. Neace-Learning about farming, Letter Ff, #19, and the square

Principal's Corner

The countdown has begun!!! We are winding down to the last few days of school for the 2015-2016 school. We've had an eventful year with all the new faces coming to us this year. We've had our ups and downs, our happy moments and our sad moments. We've made new friendships and kept some of our old. Some of our students will be moving on to SMS, some to their home schools (our Pre-schoolers), some to other schools in other states. We will miss all of them. As you know, Mrs. Ward and I will be moving on as well. Ms. Gaffney and Mr. Routt will be here to welcome you back to school in August. I know we are leaving you in good hands, after all I'll be right down the road if needed.:) If I haven't said it to everyone, I want to Thank you for entrusting me with your most precious gift-your child(ren). It has been a honor and a privilege to a be part of the JES community and family. I love you all!!!!!!!


May 20-PTO $1 days-Ice Cream Sandwiches

On May 9th, the end of the year PTO meeting was held. We were given an update on projects and the new Advisory Board was elected. The new Board consists of Ashley Stillions, Missy Parks, Kristina Lewis, Tiffany Bishop, Matt Taylor, Angie Schindler, Linda Nicholson, and Flossie McGannon.

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