OLOF Christmas Events

Dear Parents and Fatima Families:

The dates for the Christmas Program, dinner, parades, and parties are quickly approaching! This letter is meant to help clarify some information, but as we move closer to each event, we will send out more information via the Falcon Flyer, Facebook, email, and flyers home.

First up is the CHRISTMAS PARADE! The Texas City Christmas Parade is next Thursday. The theme this year is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. Our SCHOOL THEME is going to be ROCKIN FALCONS. We are asking scholars who plan to ride in the parade to wear a FATIMA SPIRIT SHIRT and JEANS and some ROCK-N-ROLL accessories. These accessories may include air guitars, red and green hair strips, sunglasses, etc. We will decorate the floats in silver, black, and metallic red and green. We are asking for parent help with float decorations and decorating the day of the parade. We will start decorating the floats at 3:30pm the day of the parade. Line-up is at 5:30pm. There will be THREE floats for Fatima: (1) JV Cheerleaders, (2) Varsity Athletes in Jersey and Jeans, (3) Fatima Scholars. Any Middle School Student who plays a sport can ride the Varsity Athletes Float in their appropriate sports’ jersey and jeans. Teachers and Parents who are sports coaches will be allowed to ride floats with athletes; Fatima parents are NOT allowed to ride the floats. Parents will be allowed to walk beside the floats for safety. The permission form to ride the float is attached to this letter and will also be sent home with all Scholar's.

On December 19 we will have our Fatima Christmas Program, including dinner and pictures. Our Drama Club has been working very hard on this program! Prior to the Program, we will have a Christmas Dinner and Pictures with Santa in Ponzini. For dinner we will once again be selling our Chopped Brisket Dinners! They were popular and back by demand. There will also be a pizza option for kids! Dinner and Pictures with Santa are from 4:30-5:30. The Christmas Program starts at 6:00pm in Kukral. Attire for the Christmas Program is black, gray, or khaki colored pants or skirt and a red or green shirt or blouse (NO T-SHIRTS please). If a red or green shirt cannot be found, white is acceptable, just not preferred. Girls may wear red or green dresses with black tights, and boys may wear a green and red tie or a Christmas tie if desired too. Each homeroom will be singing TWO songs in addition to the play. Scholars will also be wearing various accessories such as Santa Hats, Elf Ears, etc.

We are also doing a Silent Christmas Auction the night of and the days before the program. Each grade level has been assigned a certain theme. We are asking for each scholar to either bring one themed item or a monetary donation to put together homeroom baskets to be auctioned off. We will start the silent auction with an online auction. Then, on the night of the Christmas Program, we will have the baskets out for a Silent Auction. The Auction will end at 6:00pm the night of the program, right as the play begins.

Here are the themes for each Homeroom:

Pre-K 3 Christmas Time!-Holiday decorations/home decor/houseware/etc

Pre-K 4 Merry Christmas! – Holiday decorations/home decor/houseware/etc

Kinder We Love Books!-bookmarks/reading light/gift cards to B & N, Amazon, etc.

1st grade Baking-cookie sheets/mixing bowls/utensils/cupcake liners/icing/etc

2nd & 3rd grade Religious-crosses/statues/religious/1st Communion/etc

4th grade All Sports-balls/sporting equipment/fan gear

5th grade Outdoor Adventure- Camping/flashlights/tent/camping equipment

6,7,8th grades Around the World-Travel/luggage tags/bags/gadgets/airline tickets

We are asking that all items or monetary donations be turned in by 12/7. We will assemble the baskets as a group on a TBD date and time. Wrapping party time!

I hope this all helps clarify any questions about our upcoming events! Please continue to look for more information in the Falcon Flyer!

Have a blessed day,

Mrs. Lopez, MS