Fun With Firsties

January 4, 2016

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts-Superkids, Unit 6 is underway. This week we will read the story, "The Foolish Giant" and the poem, "When I am A Princess." While reading we will focus on comprehension strategies such as: visualizing while reading, drawing conclusions, understanding characters, and answering questions about a story. Our phonics lessons will continue to focus on decoding words with short and long vowel patterns.

Math-This week we will begin Topic 6. Throughout this topic we will practice our subtraction facts to 20. We will practice making 10 to subtract, using related facts while subtracting, and will review fact families.

Religion-We will focus on praying to God this week as we study chapter 9 in our Religion book. We will explore different types of prayer and will learn to understand that prayer is a way of coming close to God.

Notes To The Fabulous Folks

  • As we begin a new year, we look forward to celebrating birthdays! Please remember to coordinate birthday treats with your child's teacher 2-3 days prior to the celebration date.

Upcoming Dates

  • January is Mosaic Month
  • January 14-Cornelia Connelly Mass, Concert Dress
  • January 18-No School

Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day

Please mark your calendars! It may seem early, but Mayfield’s annual Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ day is right around the corner. We look forward to welcoming the ones we love on February 12, 2016. This is a special tradition, a day when Grandparents or Special Family Friends join students on campus for Mass and classroom activities. To insure we get an invitation to your child's special guest, please fill out the form here if this is your first year at MJS (or there are changes to the addresses from last year's invitation mailing):


Monday-Memory Word Practice

Tuesday-Online Math homework

Wednesday-Superkids Activity 54

Thursday-Journal-This week we read about Ettabetta pretending to be a princess. What would you pretend to be and do if you were playing with Ettabetta?

Unit 6 Memory Words and Spelling Patterns

Memory Words

  1. said
  2. only
  3. you
  4. out
  5. of
  6. here

Spelling Patterns


go, no, so


be, her, me, she, we