BIM Company In UAE

How BIM Consulting Services Are Revolutionising The UAE Construction Industry

As far as modern architecture is concerned, it is imperative that certain ways of working are followed, in order to ensure the erected building is of high quality, and also that it is fit for purpose. The latest BIM techniques are quite sufficient to project an accurate plan of the project. BIM consulting services are able to provide a time scale for your project, a range of cost savings and other benefits to your project, and also to aid any decision for alteration within the structure. Building information modelling is a system that provides rich detail for those involved in the construction phase, as well as going forward into the building management on the structure.

In this scenario, normal drawings are not helpful to cater for “would be” options. With many BIM consulting services they are often run alongside the CAD design, which means that together you can have greater management of your project, allowing the project team to completely manage the design and make the required changes to the drawings before the first foundation stone is laid.

By using CAD alongside BIM software, the inclusion of “would be” features can be seen in the scale model. In the UAE, all BIM consulting services can manage your data effectively and incorporate that with the CAD designs. In the UAE where there is a significant building boom currently underway, you will find a few specialists BIM companies offering BIM consulting services. Some of the companies also work on outsourcing basis, allowing you to “buy in” their services as and when required” this means that you can tap into their expertise at any time. By outsourcing various aspects of your build you can help reduce costs both in the short and long term.

In the UAE there are few BIM Company who have the level of expertise you require for your construction project. The CAD Room who are located in Abu Dhabi offer their expert BIM consulting services, having honed their skills in the UK they have considerable expertise and have brought that to the UAE. In Dubai and other countries of UAE, construction work is ongoing and the kind of buildings being constructed are technologically advanced, at the cutting edge of engineering and the UAE is leading the way in innovation. Without expert CAD modelling backed up with significant BIM expertise, this would not be possible. BIM is the future for construction on the UAE.