newsletter no. 3

spiral school of music | academic year '14/'15

Days before the upcoming full of surprises Winterkonzert, we are all in full speed preparations! If you have not purchased your tickets yet, please hurry and do so as that would not be possible on the day of the concert.

Feel free to spread the word and invite friends, relatives and others interested. Facebook event.

To purchase your tickets (7,00 € p.p.) click here.

on practice ...

The old times of forceful practice are long gone and we have an increasing number of returning adult students who have quit taking music lessons as children as they had experienced forceful practice attitude from their parents and teachers. However this does not mean going to the opposite extreme as things are not black and white.

As we learn from experience and do not wish to repeat old mistakes, recently a few parents have asked us for an advice on home practice. We have provided some helpful tips and tools on our blog (includes printables).

☆彡 student of the month ☆彡

Luka Sullivan (6,5) only started taking piano lessons in September this year. The rather engaging program Tales of a Musical Journey he has been following has motivated him immensely. We will see Luka perform a duet with his teacher Denitsa Mineva at the upcoming Winterkonzert.

Keep up the good work, dear Luka! (Photos credit to Paul Sullivan)