Dublin, Ireland

A wondrous town full of fun, food and relaxation

Dublin's delectables

Entertain your taste buds with our Irish dishes! Come and have our potatoes, freshly grown here! They were first grown here in the 1600's and are still popular. Enjoy our corned beef and cabbage at our wondrous celebrations! Now savor our Irish stew with tons of different ingredients... there will always be something you'll like. Make sure to have a bite of one of these Irish dishes!

dublin's delights

Come have a hint of Irish culture! Have a blast with our mixed Irish and Scandinavian backgrounds. See our marvelous flag? It was adopted in 1937. Our beautiful Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and is the nations capital. Don't forget to enjoy all the capital has to offer when you arrive!

Entertainment in the Emerald Isle

Enjoy our exiting activities and entertainment! Come see the National Art Gallery, one of the giant attractions of Dublin. Why not pick up some souvenir glass work by our fine craftsmen? Make sure to take a look at all the arts have to offer here!

Ireland's Marvelous Sites

Come witness our wonderful attractions! See the ever so memorable general post office. Looking for wonderful entertainment? Then come to the Albany theater! Also, come to learn a thing or two at the University of Dublin. Why not find some good luck at the Blarney Stone? These are things I guarantee you will not want to miss!

Linguistic Ireland

Did you know we speak more than one language in Ireland? Learn our popular Irish-Gaelic language. If you don't understand, don't worry! There are plenty of people who speak English. Also, learn our most common written language, Osham. Try to learn a little and it will help you travel around the city!

Climate of Ireland

Come relax in our marvelous weather. At a comfortable 60-70 degrees you will want to stay and enjoy the city. With a good amount of rain fall you will need an umbrella, but that's how Ireland stays so green! Don't miss out on this wonderful experience.


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