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Michelle Garcia Winter - UT Southwestern (seats 500)

August 8, 2016


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ABA & Absences

1. BCBA update

2. This rule only applies to a student diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder whose absence is resulting from an appointment with a health care practitioner to receive a generally recognized service for persons with ASD. This type of appointment includes applied behavior analysis, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. The student must also be in attendance for part of the school day.

A health care professional is defined as:

(1) a health care practitioner:

(A) who is licensed, certified, or registered by an appropriate agency of this state;

(B) whose professional credential is recognized and accepted by an appropriate agency of the United States; or

(C) who is certified as a provider under the TRICARE military health system; or

(2) an individual acting under the supervision of a health care practitioner described by Subdivision (1).

I think it is appropriate to ask parents to show that 1) the student has a ASD diagnosis, 2) the provider meets the definition of a health care professional above, 3) the service is generally recognized for students with ASD, 4) the student actually attended the service (note from provider confirming attendance each day missed), and 5) student attended school part if the day. Otherwise the absence is unexcused 6) offer makeup work/tutoring.

We should also inform parents that even though the absences are excused, like any other excused absence the 90% rule applies.


TELPAS Online Training


Making the ELPS/TELPAS connection - share with raters


We also have access to the ELPS online training through Region 20

New training site launches in January. Online Basic courses for brand new raters will open on Jan. 27 and the calibration window for returning raters opens on February 15th.

TELPAS Assessment Window March 7-April 6

Calibration will be done in district monitored settings prior to assessment window opening.


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Take Flight Update

4 Teachers now working in Book #3. Books 1-4 are first year books. Training dates will continue throughout the year. This summer they will participate in 2 more weeks of training and will begin learning the 2nd year curriculum (books 5-7).