Library News

October 24, 2016

Welcome to WCE Library!

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What's happening?

Overdue Reports & Notices - Overdue notices will be in your box again this week on Thursday. If possible, please send home with report cards.

Book Fair Sneak Peak - Thursday, October 27 from 2:45-3:30 stop by for a sneak peak of the books. You can also make your wish lists, too!

Book Fair Dates -

October 27 : Set up/browse & Teacher Sneak Peek (2:45-3:30)
October 28: Browse (schedules coming soon)
October 31-3: Sales (7:40-3:15)
November 4: Sales (7:00-10:15), Pack up & Financials (11:00-?)

Book requests - Don't forget to give me ample time to pull books for you. I promise to get the books pulled as quickly as I can but it will take more than one day.

Reading Bingo - Thank you to to all that are encouraging your students to read for Reading Bingo. It's exciting to know our students are reading a wide variety of books. Please remind students to hang on to their necklaces as they will be adding to it during the year.

Gearing up for the elections?

This is a great resource. I especially enjoy the activities found in the GAMES section.