The Maori

Native Cultures of New Zealand - Travis

Where do they live?

90% of the Maori live in Northen New Zealand

From where did they come?

The Maori came from Polynesia

Historical Fact.

In 1900 The British immigrants did not respect the New Zealand treaty of waitangi and took almost everything from the Maori.

Fun Fact

Maori Mythology says tattooing commenced with a love affair between a young man named Mataora which means face of Vitality and a young princess named niwareka

Summary of what I have learned from this research.

The Maori of New Zealand are a different and interesting group to research. I learned many facts. but the three I found most interesting were the haka dance is famous tradition in polynesia, Maori males like to play rugby like Austrailia and Maori like videos, Television and films. knowing what I do now about these people, I would want to learn more about New Zealand because The maori live in New Zealand and learning the climates they live in would be interesting.