Trditions, food, and Celabration


In Romania Marsitor is a day where you would wear a red and white string braded string that was given to you. This means you will be happy and healthy for the rest of the year. The holiday is celebrated n March 1st. As well as most of the time the string most girls get on Martisor are from boys.
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On the day of Martisor, people that celebrate the holiday have a party. Think of a Christmas party or a Thanksgiving Party, this is just the same except with little kids and adults singing and dancing in red and white clothing on a stage for a large crowd.
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On the day of Martisor many people will cook food for there family's and friend's. The food is mostly colors red and white for tradition. The food is mostly set out on tables for guest to eat due to how many party's there are on that day so most of the food is cooked for party's
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This video will explain a lot more about Martisor.

pronunciation for Mărțișor

You say it (Mar-ti-shor) not (Mar-ti-sor)

P.S.- Say it in a Romanian accent.

(you can search up how a Romanian accent sounds by the way)

Mărțișor History

In this text you will read what Martisor is really about. Martisor is celebrated on march 1st. This holiday is specifically celebrated by Romanians. This holiday is to celebrate the beginning of spring. Now, Martisor it's a day where a boy will give a girl a red and white braded string. The string means whom ever wears the string that was given to them they will be healthy and happy for the rest of the year. On Martisor people have big party's with tons of food thatt's red and white. People will make many types of different food sometimes it will be a known recipe or it will be there own recipe. All over Romania people are out of work and school to celebrate Martisor. Well that's about all of the basic facts for Martisor
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Where do you go?

If you want to celebrate Martisor then head on over to Romania, Europe (if you don't know where that is look it up on map). There you can visit party's with your friends (but of course you need to speak Romanian). Now Romania is a wonderful place to be with amazing mountains and free wildlife. So really its the perfect place to be on March 1st.
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