Threes Beezness

Ms. Linda & Ms. Kathy's Class

First off, some news...

Starting on the 18th of October, I'm going to be out of the class due to a surgery and recovery period. Some of you may already know, but in May of 2015, I had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. I had my reconstruction in December of 2015, but unfortunately, my plastic surgeon was not as skillful or detail oriented as I'd hoped, and I've developed the need for a revision to correct some complications and improve the results. I changed surgeons to one who specializes in reconstructions after mastectomies, and I am supremely confident that the outcome of this surgery will be one I'll be comfortable and happy with. Basically, we're starting from scratch again. With that said, the surgery is kind of complicated and will be fairly painful, so I'm taking some time off to allow my body to heal. I'll be back, ready to go, (knock on wood) on the 1st of November.

I know I'm going to miss all my little buddies from class, (and hopefully they will miss me! haha) but this is just something that needs to be taken care of sooner, rather than later. I know God is going to take great care of me during and after the surgery, and I am not at all afraid or worried, because I know who's holding my future, and completely trust Him, in whatever He decides. Any prayers you can send on my behalf will be very appreciated, though! Thanks for understanding. I'm going to let you decide how you want to explain this to your kiddos, because each one will accept the news differently, so I'll let you decide what you'd like to tell them. Do let them know that I love them, and will miss them so much, and can't wait to come back to school as soon as God's finished healing me.

Last week's Antics and such

We tried to have as much fun and get lots of stuff accomplished, considering our favorite assistant, Ms. Kathy, wasn't in school but was recovering from having a stent inserted in her femoral artery. We had great subs, and because of that, had some pretty wonderful days.

We learned a lot about leaves this week. The kids all found out that leaves actually have a different color underneath the green, depending on the type of tree, but you can't see the real color until the tree stops producing food in the fall. Once the temperatures become cold, the trees leaves stop receiving water through their vein system, and the chloroform (green) stops being produced, and then the colors of the leave change. It's very sciency, but also very interesting. I read a book which illustrated the principle better, and the kids paid close attention. They are such good little students!

We talked about the letter T, brainstormed tons of words that we know that begin with it, & practiced making letter T using different manipulatives and resources.

They also had a lot of fun sharing their letter T items they'd sent in, and always love coming to the front of circle to teach the other students all about their things. Of course, we continued to review our curriculum topics and themes, our nursery rhyme, our bible verse, and read a lot of theme related books. I love to read, and they really like to listen to stories, so it's a win-win situation.

Orange day brought most everyone to school wearing that happy shade, and everything we did revolved around it. As you look in the picture gallery below, I think you'll be able to figure out which pictures occurred on orange day. We had a very cheery looking class!

We played an orange memory game at the end of the day on Wednesday, which the kids really enjoyed. It surely stretched their memories, but they really did a super job listening, looking, and following the directions for answering the question, "Which orange item did I take?" Basically, I had 12 orange items on the floor in front of me, and I talked about each one as I laid them out. The kids were told to take a picture with their eyes, "Now you see it..." trying to memorize where each item was sitting, and then I covered all of the items up with a big towel, and sneakily took one item away from underneath the towel. I lifted the towel up, "Now you don't!", and the children had to look and see what they thought I took, and raise their hand. They weren't allowed to shout out, but had to wait patiently. When I called on the child whose hand was seen raised first, they were able to tell me what I took. It was funny because sometimes, they'd call out their favorite item, even if it was still sitting there!

Anyway, this was a fun game for testing their memory, and they all did GREAT once they got the hang of it. I was so excited for each child to win, because they were so proud that they'd guessed correctly, and the prize for a correct guess was a piece of candy corn. We try to play this game every color day, because it's always so much fun and a great way to get them thinking. It always amazes me when I see how sharp your kids are!!!

Our Picture Gallery

Next Week...

Monday, among other things, I'll be carving a pumpkin with the kids, and anyone who wants to, can help me dig out the insides of the pumpkin. It's gushy, squishy fun, and historically, some kids will dive in up to their elbows and pull that yucky, wet, orange stringy stuff out, and other kids will run for the other side of the room. Either reaction is okay. Not everyone likes things that feel like that.

We'll put some of that slimey stuff in a big ziploc for the kids who didn't want to actually experience it au natural, and they can manipulate and explore it in a much neater, dryer way. I'm going to wash the seeds we've collected, and will salt and toast them in a toaster oven, so we can sample them later. They're always so tasty and crunchy, and the kids usually want more and more! We'll save some for a pumpkin craft, though.

Next week, we'll be introducing the letter I, and as usual, if you remember to, please send in an item that begins with it. If you forget on Monday, just send it in any other day of the week. Your kids really like this sharing activity, and feel disappointed if they don't have something to show and tell about, so this gives them other opportunities to get a turn, just in case you forget on Monday.

*We're also going to be celebrating Blake's 4th birthday on Monday, so if your child has food allergies, you will want to send in an alternate treat so they can still participate in the celebration without a health risk.

I've planned some other fun stuff for the week as well, but you'll have to wait to hear about that. I'm sure your smart kids will fill you in each day. Ms. Kathy will be following my lesson plans for October, and Ms. Teresa Gleason will be her assistant, so I'm sure your children will be in great hands and have a lot of fun each day! I can't think of a better replacement team!

Well, that's about all for now. If you have any questions or concerns, I'll not be at school for a bit, but I can still check and answer email, (depending on how much pain medicine I'm taking, haha!) so write if you need to. Ms. Kathy is available to briefly talk to at drop off or pick-up time, or you can write her an email. Her work email address is

Thanks for all of your support, care, and understanding! I'm looking forward to getting back to school and back to normal as soon as I'm able.

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