Tech Tip Thursday

Kami- Your Digital Classroom Hero

What is Kami?

Kami is a leading digital classroom app for Chrome. It allows you to take any existing document, including scanned PDFs, and write, draw, type, annotate, comment, augment, enhance, and otherwise bring it to life – all within your browser. Kami is free to use, and you can upgrade anytime.

Kami Toolbar:

  • Select Text: Hand Tool, Select Annotations
  • Dictionary
  • Text to Speech: Loop, Read Page, Change Voice, and Speed
  • Markup: Text Highlight, Box Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline
  • Comment: Text, Voice, Video and Screen Capture
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Equation Editor: Insert Math and Music Symbols
  • Drawing: Adjust stroke, color, and transparency
  • Shapes: Insert Circle, Square, and Line: Adjust stroke, color, and transparency
  • Eraser: All annotations or Drawings/Shapes Only
  • Image: From the computer, Google Drive, Google Search or Webcam
  • Insert Signature

How do I get the app?

Three ways to access Kami:

  • get the Chrome Extension through the Web Store
  • Web App
  • Other browsers – access your Kami account on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and more.

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