The Flash Reflects off A Bucks Eyes


The Flash Reflects off A Bucks Eyes

Setting up a successful deer hunting camp is rewarding and beneficial to all camp members. A deer camp with rules and by-laws that have been agreed upon from the very start in writing by all members, is the kind of a deer hunting camp that is built on a solid foundation. I believe a hunting camp should have a mission statement. It should reflect the values of all the members of the camp or deer hunting club. Please click on and check out some of the advertisers to the left and in the sidebars for more great hunting opportunities and other hunting information. A Mission Statement

A mission statement for a deer hunting club basically states what the hunting camp members want to accomplish throughout their hunting camps by-laws and activities. It could be something as simple as; “Here at the Johnson deer camp we will hunt ethically and honor all fair chase rules in our pursuit of the whitetail deer. We will stay safe at all times. We will be courteous and honest with each other. We will share in each others successes and disappointments.”Foundation Of A Successful Deer Camp

  1. Establish a set of by-laws and/or camp regulations. These must be agreed upon by all members. They need to benefit all members. They could be set up to address future problems. An example would be “No Loaded Firearms In Camp”, or “Light’s Out At 10 P.M.”, or “First One Up In The Morning Makes the Coffee And Hot Chocolate”.
  1. Set Goals – for the hunting camp. Both short term and long term. What would everyone like to accomplish. Maybe it’s year round food plots for deer and wildlife, or a weekend to work on hunting stand sites. Maybe the hunting cabin is in need of repair, add a bathroom, add a sauna, build a storage garage, add a deer processing station or room, etc…
  1. Have regular meetings. Agree upon the dates and frequencies. Discuss expenses and collect dues. Plan weekends to work around your deer camp. Communicate with each other. Have brainstorming sessions full of ideas and be respectful of each other (by-law rule).
  1. Elect a president. Have a leader; or coordinator. Someone fair, honest and passionate about the hunting camp.
  1. Appoint a Treasure or Secretary to handle dues and pay bills.
  1. Share the work load and all be part of the effort (by-law rule).
  1. Be flexible, and open to adjustments as circumstances dictate.
  1. Don’t repeat mistakes; honor successes, celebrate accomplishments, respect opinions, forgive shortcomings, teach and mentor the young, help the old and wise, assist the disabled, and resist arguments.
  1. Draw up a large detailed hunting map of your deer hunting area; include deer trails, bedding areas to avoid, sanctuaries, food plots, stand sites, harvest/kill sites, and so on. Make sure everyone knows where each other will be during the hunt. Rotate stand sites to prevent jealousy and envious feelings; keep everything fare.

These are just a few suggestions to establish and maintain a successful deer hunting camp. I am sure there are many more. Good luck hunting and stay safe.Camp Needs:

A Hunting camps needs will vary. First of all you will a hunting area if you don’t already have a spot to hunt. Every state has public hunting areas. Check out the link below for your states Department of Natural Resources or Fish and Game’s web site.States D.N.R.’s or Fish and Game Departments

Maybe your hunting group has pooled resources and have enough money to put down on a piece of hunting property that the camp members would like to buy. Here is a link to some great information to consider and review before you buy. Next Article – Deer Senses

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