LCUTP 14/15_MaC Mac.gazine#2Edition


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Presenting you the second edition of Mac.gazine from LCUTP! Hope you enjoy it! :D

MaC Award

  • The newsletter team is currently working on our monthly newsletter. We decided to make the newsletter content K.I.S.S (Keep it short & simple)! We changed the way we do it last time where we designed and post it in JOOMAG, and now, we are using SMORE flyer which will be more convenient and easier to read.

Amplified Highlights

  • LC UTP had successfully held a small mini global village which last for 2 days. We have EPs from Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong & etc. to showcase their country and AIESEC as well to the students in UTP. This also help in boosting the signups for GAP. And, thank you Vincent (LCVP USMEC ) for visiting us during the event! :D
  • So far, our OGCDP team had done 89 interviews in total, 3 raises and 1 match.
  • We also just done with our first AIESEC gathering ''DOTA'' (Day of the AIESEC-ers). Through this, we get to meet all of newly-recruited member and they are awesome!

Monthly Goal Setting Track

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Mac Bomb

  • When can we get our promotional materials ?
  • Hope to get some updates about the concerns of UTP regarding YOUNG LEADERS as what we discussed through the virtual meeting.


I'm so sorry that I couldn't make it for the virtual meeting regarding TMP TLP rebrand. However, I already follow up it with my manager. Hope to hear more from all of you soon! :)