Dry but somewhat wet

Climate location

Semiarid areas are normally found on the edges of deserts. These semiarid areas are called steppe. A steppe is dry but gets enough rainfall for short grasses and low bushes to grow. A steppe may also be called a prairie or grassland.

Yearly Precipitation

Semiarid areas , a steppe can get any where from 25cm of rain to 50cm. Unlike arid areas which get less than 25cm of rain a year. A semiarid area gets just enough rainfall to support low grasses and low bushes.

Seasons and Temperature Change.

The climatic pattern in the arid zones is frequently characterized by a relatively cool dry season, followed by a relatively hot dry season, and ultimately by a moderate rainy season. Quite often, during the cool dry season, daytime temperatures peak between 35 and 45 centigrade and fall to 10 to 15 centigrad at night. Daytime temperatures can approach 45 centigrade during the hot dry season and drop to 15 centigrade during the night. During the rainy season, temperatures can range from 35 centigrade in the daytime to 20 centigrade at night.

Factors Affecting Climate.

Any change in climate may result in expansion or compulsion of these areas. Climate change can alter the amount of rain that is precipitated down over the area. It can also alter the drought.