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Mrs. Cobb's Kindergarten Community

September 23, 2015

Baking Bread

This week we continued talking about our homes and our neighborhoods. As a part of this study, we read many books, including The Little Red Hen and The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. The children created a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two stories. We observed that the first story took place in the country, while the second story took place in a city. They pointed out that the neighbors in both books were the same animals.

As an extension of our stories, we baked our own fresh bread. The children had to follow a sequence of recipe cards, measure ingredients, and then wait the three long hours it took for the bread to bake. The children observed the change in the batter from a liquid, mushy batter to a solid loaf of fresh bread. Braylon B. suggested that the heat in the bread machine helped with this process. At the end of the day we created a graph, "Did you like the bread." All the children placed their vote on yes!

Working With Clay

The children began working with clay this week during center time. They noticed that the texture is much more challenging to manipulate than our playdough. I love this type of work for building their fine motor skills. We talked about how we could use the clay to make our homes and our neighborhoods. Some children decided to create people from their neighborhoods. We allowed several days for the clay to dry out and then the children were able to add paint to their projects. We talked about the clay being very fragile. I hope that all of their precious work made it to your homes in one piece! If not, there is always hot glue to the rescue!

Fresh Grade

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

We are excited to introduce our portfolio assessment tool, Fresh Grade. This is a useful tool because it will give you access to your child’s developmental progression throughout the year. We will be adding documentation of their learning to their personal portfolio as the weeks progress. You will be able to track the connections between their learning within the different curricular areas. Currently, you will be able to view reading/language standards for kindergarten. Standards in other areas of development will be coming soon. Their portfolio will remain active throughout their career as a Pike Road Patriot.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to teach your children. We have been enjoying getting to know them in this first month of school! Please do not hesitate to ask your child's Lead Learner if you have any questions. We are excited to show you all of the learning that is occurring in our classrooms.


Kindergarten Lead Learners

Book Fair and Scholastic Book Club

Please mark your calendars for the school's book fair. The book fair will be held October 13th-16th. Please contact our media specialist, Robin Dean, if you would like to volunteer to help.


Our class is now enrolled with the Scholastic Book Reading Club. If you would like to make a purchase from this month's catalog, please use the link below:


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