Lewis and Clark Expedition

by:breana sola hour 2


During the expedition lewis and clark brought along many different weapons including

  • an air rifle
  • A one-pounder bronze cannon mounted on a swivel on the keelboat.
  • Four blunderbusses, two mounted on swivels on the keelboat and one each mounted on the two pirogues.
  • Fifteen rifles from the harpers ferry Armory. It is generally believed these were prototype Model 1803 rifles.
  • Further rifles procured at Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • A number of the 1795 issue musket
  • Clark's squirrel rifle—his so-called Small rifle
  • Trade guns—that is, small, light, smooth-bore muskets for gifts or trading
  • Pistols carried by some members of the party. The 1799 Model flintlock.