Chinese schools of thought


The people who follow this philosophy are like water, avoiding conflicts living simple lives. Its their belief that the best government governs the least. Yin and Yang was the balance of things and what Harmony founded from. To have happiness, they must live in harmony with nature. All of the beliefs were written in "The Way Of Virtue".


With the Golden Rule, "Do not do to others what you do not wish yourself," the philosopher Confucius believed in leading by example. Respect for one another was a very large portion of his beliefs with teachings about respect for elders and the five relationships. "Human nature is good, not bad," is one of the many sayings that were written into "The Analects." Exams were made for the government officials just to make sure they completely comprehend his principles! They made sure that the people were chosen for their knowledge so that everything would run smoothly.


The creator of Legalism, Hanfeizi, took advantage of his power in the Qin Dynasty. His belief that "the nature of man is evil; strict rules are needed for order" lead him to forcing people to build the famous Great Wall of China. Legalism is the thought that greed is the cause of most conflicts. It was brought to Chia through the creation called the Silk road. Strict laws and punishments formed from those roots.


Buddhism is finding the light out of the darkness. To reach Nirvana, they must first abstain from normal pleasures and return to find the greatness in every action. They must meditate very often, to come closer to peace. Following the Eightfold path and knowing the four noble truths arevery important. They must follow the middle path between both pleasure and pain.