A utopia made entirely of joy.

The World

Wonder-lis is a bustling metropolis filled with people all looking for a wonderful life. Upon arriving, you are treated as an esteemed guest, and always have access to the wonderful resources that exist in this land. While here, no violence is tolerated whatsoever, and if you feel the need to exert yourself in the form of a punch, simply enter a virtual world and do it there! No need to worry about a thing here, because soulless, mindless beings will handle it all for you! See below for details on application, and hopefully, acceptance!

Your life will be content!

Within Wonder-lis, every person will have opportunities that exceed your wildest dreams. Want to be a professional underwater bowler? You have that option! Anything you need to achieve your dreams will be available to you!

A comparison of your world to ours

If you have ever read the book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, then you know that most places that are built up to be amazing end up lacking in some departments. We at Woder-lis know this, and we strive to remove any chance of that. If you are a smart, u are free to be so, so long as you don't brag about it. Whatever advantages you may have intellectually will be celebrated! You have worked hard, and deserve some recognition, just like anyone else who achieves their goals!


Want to be a part of this amazing utopia? If you think you would enjoy your time here, and if you have no tendency for violence, simply fill out the application below and hand it in to one of the known leaders of this soon-to-be utopia, for review! Word of warning: If you don't enjoy constant happiness and bliss, this utopia may seem a bit more like a dystopia than a utopia. For those of you who don't, however, We hope to see you soon in Wonder-lis!


Though we are doing our best to try and make this utopia a wonderful place, some things may just go awry. We can't keep track of all bragging, or bits of violence, so if we don't always respond to your complaiints, it's just because we are busy monitoring everything! Also, your access to entertainment and fun could be hazardous, and you may find yourself cut off from the world because of it, so please, entertain responsibly. If any problems do arise, and you want us to help handle it, then file a report and we will send someone to consult with the guilty party. If they are found to have disobeyed the rules, they will simply be booted from the utopia back to their old life!
Now then, if you find that you wish to leave the Utopia at any time, find yor way to the headquarters building, and we will send you back to the real world! However, once you leave, you can't come back, so make sure that your mind is entirely made up before asking to leave.