Technology Tools

Ms. Pritchard's 4th Grade English Language Arts Class


Prezi is a great resource for power point presentations and will be used quite often in our classroom. This is a website that is very similar to our usually Microsoft Power Point but there are many more options in Prezi. I plan to use these to teach my lessons but I also want the students to get familiar with it also. We will have many group and individual projects where I expect students to use this website to present to their classmates.

Google Docs

Google Docs is good for many things like note taking, power points, and most importantly it is a great tool to access your work wherever. Since not every student has a laptop in the classroom, they have to log on to many different computers. As long as they have a gmail account, they can pull their classwork up anywhere. This also allows for me to share information to them through email. The students will have to write several papers in this class and have other students to edit them. Google Docs makes it very easy to share your work with others.


Edmodo will be used quite frequently in our classroom. This is a great tool to keep our parents involved with their children. I will have weekly, sometimes even daily, updates of what we did in class that day/week , homework, and direct messages to parents.