Past & Present & Future Technology

Past Technology - 2006-2015 Technology

In 2006 until 2015 which was throughout 10 years ago, their wasn't iPhones or many modern technology. In 2006, it was to be all about vlogs, mobisodes, and cell phones that can swipe credit cards.One of the technology was called Edge, which uses the past generation of WiFi, called WIMAX.Two old models, which were available in early 2006, the Motorola PEBL and the Motorola SLVR. their was GWK Technology. Apple was founded in 1976 but no iPhone's Ipads MacBook's or iMacs existed.

Present Technology- 2016

Now in 2016 , the technology is completely different. they have created BlackBerrys , Apple which is the most popular. they created iPhones, iMacs, MacBooks & Apple Watches which are all from apple. Apple has developed a whole new level of technology. Apple has developed a lot its founder Steve Jobs did pass away but he left everything managed that is why it is an amazing success of Apple

Future Technology-2017-2026

Throughout these next 10 years from now would be 2026, people will invent many other iPhone's like iPhone 7 but they might be disadvantages on the iPhone 7 it wont have a headphone jock. Companies are creating a Lifi which will be 100 times faster then Wifi. in these later years all companies will majorly develop. In my opinion Apple will succeed and develop a lot.

Here is a video about the Iphone 7:

iPhone 7 Trailer 2016