Grade 4 News

An insight into life in Grade 4 at BMS...

Dear friends of Berlin Metropolitan School,

Many thanks for opening our page and checking out the latest in Grade 4 news. I know that both the students and the staff at the school really rely on, and appreciate, your support!

It's hard to believe that it has already been two weeks since our previous publication. It has been such a busy start to the year for everybody.

In the Grade 4 classrooms we are now past the halfway point of our current unit of inquiry, How We Organise Ourselves. The staff and children have been working really hard together to discover and present to the highest standard possible. We hope that you are both proud and impressed by our efforts!

Here's the news from 4a

As part of our unit work, last Friday, 4a went on an exciting trip to the Communications Museum where we took part in a workshop about the history of printing. This was an exciting workshop where students were able to experience the process of printing at different times in history. Some of the types of printing that we got to try included: different typewriters; writing with a quill; and printing on a printing press. We also got to look in the museum at the history of other types of communication.

From the Responsible Citizens in 4b

Recently in 4b, we have been exploring our responsibility in virtual environments. We have discussed ways to be safe and responsible citizens when accessing information and communicating with others using digital media

We have explored how digital media has changed over time and how it affects our own communication in daily life.
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The fortnight in 4c...

The children in 4c have been hard at work. As part of their Unit of Inquiry they have been creating presentations, building definitions, and unpicking texts. Here are some of the highlights:

What's going down in 4d...?

This week Mr. Clarke, our Technology Educator came to talk to 4d about the Internet and how it works - it was an insightful session. In addition to this 4d students have been working collaboratively on place value, and using the writing process to write a Persuasive Writing Essay. We hope you enjoy our pictures.

From the German Team:

Dear Parents,

After a few warming-up activities at the beginning of the new school year, we started our first Unit of Inquiry about communication. We talked about polite forms of communicating, wrote a letter to ourselves and started exploring the different means of communication throughout history. Going further, we will be exploring and testing the different means of communication in order to conclude how they developed, shaped and changed the way we communicate and access information.

Our language focus in this unit is on writing (form) and spelling.


German homework will be given every Wednesday and should be returned by the following Tuesday. Please note that your child has been given a homework folder, in which the homework assignments should be neatly filed and brought back to school for the homework to be either collected or read / compared in class. Please make sure your child approaches the weekly homework assignments responsibly.

Thank you for your support.

Frau Pointner and Frau Lucic

Drama Update

Here are some pics of the students working on their current piece of work a play called
" The Trial of Wilf Wolf " . We are all very excited to share the finished play with our family and friends very soon.
Karen El Falaki


Dear parents,

We would like to take the opportunity to give you some feedback about the beginning of this school year.

The first contact within the educators team and class has been successful. The children are getting used to their daily routines and the new CCEP structure. New students are becoming acquainted with the school and have made some new friends. The new after school room situation provides a clearly arranged, safe environment for students and the transition to the new afternoon structure has been well received by our students and parents! The students enjoy their new surrounding and can make self-determined choices between several offers in the rooms and playground in the afternoon.

We are looking forward to a good start with the Club Program, which is starting next week and will continue to do our best to maintain a pleasant afternoon program for your child!

With warm regards,

your 4th grade CCEP Team.