The Job Window

Marketing Communication

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Job Description

In this job, you will be required to develop brand awareness and execute marketing strategies as well as look over various PR campaigns and secure national and local sales for various home entertainment companies.

Marketing Skills Required

  • Apply strategic PR/Marketing programs to create brand awareness and sales
  • Maintain professional relationships with customers/clients especially during promotional event campaigns
  • Create and maintain relationships with national and local markets
  • Ability to use social media in an effective manner to create brand awareness
  • Assist with new business acquisitions

Job Requirements

  • Degree or similar experience in Marketing, Marketing Communications, Public Relations and associated fields
  • Fast Paced
  • Effective decision maker
  • Exceptional communication and networking skills
  • Ability to effectively multi task
  • Strong verbal and written communications are a must

Looking for Graduates From . . .

  • York University with a degree in Business Administration and a focus on Marketing
  • University Of Toronto with a bachelors in business administration and a major in marketing or a certificate of public relations
  • Seneca College with a diploma in business marketing or Public Relations - Corporate Communications
  • Sheridan College with a diploma in Marketing Management
  • McMaster University with an undergraduate in Commerce and major in Marketing and Strategic Management

Why This is the Ideal Job for me . . .

This is the ideal job for me because it allows me to exercise all skills learned as a student and apply them to a real life situation. It also allows me to apply my knowledge from various other leadership experiences. This is also an entry position which means they aren't looking for someone with lots of experience. This works out perfectly for me since this would most likely be my first professional job. In addition, due to the fact that this is an entry level job, it will allow room for improvement and learning which will be essential for me in order to progress in my career. Finally, this job is the perfect job for me because the foundation of this job revolves around event executing and co-coordinating which I have great experience in through the RHSS leadership course I have previously taken. The skills I learned in that course such as time management, initiative taking skills and self regulation will be of great help at this position especially since they are a requirement for this job. This is why this position is the ideal job for me.