Pinewood Weekly Newsletter

January 22, 2021

Principal's Message - Preparing for a Change in Weather

Dear Falcon Families,

It appears that Mother Nature finally is bringing us some winter weather in the coming week. On Wednesday night, the district put out a letter to families explaining that for the remainder of this school year only, we may convert any school closure day to an asynchronous day wherein students will have work to complete. This means any day going forward that school is called due to snow or any other emergency, we will not have to make up at the end of the year. I have attached this letter from Superintendent Atkins below.

It is important to note that we only close school when it is deemed that the roads are unsafe for travel or if we do not have power at our sites. Please do not assume that school is closed just because it is snowing. In the event of a closure, the district will send out an all call, it will be posted on the district website and Facebook page, and the district will notify KCRA. In addition, your child's teacher will send out a Classtag message reiterating what work needs to be completed for that school day. Students will need to bring this completed work to their teacher when school resumes.

When it snows and we still hold school, please be extra patient during drop-off and pick up times .With Pine Street and our parking lot having some slope, please leave space between cars and drive extra slowly. On these days we will delay taking the attendance by 10 minutes and we also will be out at pick-up time well after the busses exit the lot. Don't rush to be here right when the ending bell rings. Your safety is important.

If you regularly transport your student and do not feel comfortable driving in the snow, you can fill out a interim weather bus application and have your child ride the bus on these days. Call the office to confirm bus stops and times. Please note that with our impacted ridership right now, students that are transported by parents on a daily basis may only ride the bus for inclement weather purposes. Again, you must have an a bus application on file and Kindergarten parents must be at the bus stop to get their student.

I welcome the arrival of winter! Thank you in advance for helping us stay safe during our upcoming storms. If you have questions or concerns about any of this information, please reach out to the school office or email me at the address included at the bottom of this newsletter.


Kim Little

Letter from Superintendent Atkins

This letter details how snow days for this year will now be counted as an asynchronous day.

Energy Efficiency Modernization Project

You may have recently seen some drilling work and surveying being done in our school parking lot. This is the beginning of a large project to modernize our energy systems throughout campus. One change you will see in the coming months is solar array structures in our parking lot. These will help offset some of our energy costs. In addition, a large generator will be installed on campus in the coming months so that we can power the basic infrastructure of the school to avoid power shutoff closures and keep the kids learning. All our classrooms will be retrofitted with energy efficient lighting. We are also pleased that our aging heating and air units will be replaced. We are hopeful that the bulk of this project will be completed by early fall.
Falcon Cafe February Menu

All meals are free for the 2020-2021 school year